Holiday Weekend Top 10 List

From the home office in Pottsboro, Texas, it’s the top 10 highlights of our July 4th weekend:

#10 — The food.  Anyone that’s been to the lake with us knows that the D-family is serious about food. Steaks, barbeque chicken, burgers, spaghetti with meatballs, pancakes (every morning), homemade ice cream, homemade cheesecake, etc, etc.

#9 — The skiing.  Depite it being the busiest weekend of the year, we had glassy-smooth water all to ourselves every evening in our “secret cove”.  Karla even got up (and found new motivation to add squats to her workout routine).

#8 — The trailer.  Since our lake cabin is small, my parents bought a travel trailer for extra sleeping accommodations until we can build a bigger house.  The four of us stayed in it and it worked great.

#7 — The weather.  Perfect all weekend except for one short but violent storm Saturday afternoon.  60+ mph winds did a number on our neighbor’s dock.

#6 — Abby riding the tube for the first time.  Thanks to Aunt Karen for spending time getting her comfortable with being in the water. 

#5 — The riding.  I got in two hard rides.  There are some amazing (and hilly) country rodes near the lake.

#4 — Time with family.  It’s neat to watch the girls interact with their cousins, aunts, and grandparents.

#3 — Just chilling.  Amid all the activities, I was able to spend an hour browsing a book store.  Nice.

#2 — Megan’s Birthday.  She’s 30-something but can still pass for 20-something.

#1 — Allie (finally) started walking!  And running.  Megan and I have been looking forward to this for a long time.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend Top 10 List

  1. Happy birthday to a very special person! Sorry we didn’t get to come to lake. Gas prices scared us off! Hope we can see you soon! Allie is so cute walking! Loved all the pictures.

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