First Leg Complete

Four generations of women:  Abby & Allie, their
Mom (Megan), her Mom (Sylvia), and her Mom (Helen)

We’re back from a weekend in Pennsylvania.  We went there for a memorial service honoring Jim Ecker, Megan’s Grandfather.  I only met Mr. Ecker a couple of times, but he definitely made an impression on me.  He genuinely cared about others — a great encourager.  He and his wife, Helen, were married over 70 years!

During the weekend, we spent 7 hours on planes and probably 10 hours in the car.  We visited Megan’s Aunt’s farmhouse, where Allie ate about 50 raspberries fresh off the vine.  We toured the Crayola factory (chaos).  And we visited Knoebel’s Amusement Park (chaos + rain). 

It was nice to hang out with family, but we’re glad to be back in Fort Worth.  I’m home for about 36 hours then back on a plane for a week in Cali (mostly business, plus a little pleasure).

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