Back to TX

Tomorrow I fly home after a week in Half Moon Bay.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the family, but I’m not looking forward to a 30 degree increase in temperatures.  No question about it — California has the weather nailed.  I’ve gone for a run almost every day here (including two times today!) and you feel like you can go forever.  It’s like this year round.

This is no secret, and it’s one of the reasons that cost of living — particularly housing — is insane out here.  Fort Worth is well below the national average for housing costs and the Bay Area is something like 3 times the national average.  Even tiny fixer-uppers go for a million bucks or more.  And even then you’re probably facing a long drive to work.

For now, I’ll choose hot summers over a 2 hour commute and a $10,000 mortgage.


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