Introducing KuGon

My brother-in-law, Ivan, has spent most of his career in the video game industry.  He’s worked on a lot of big budget titles and even got to work with “Aahnold” on the Terminator 3 game.  About a year ago, Ivan started his own company, IV Realms, to pursue some of his own ideas for both board games and online games.

When Apple released the iPhone SDK in March, Ivan and his team immediately jumped on the opportunity.  Like a lot of folks, they see the iPhone platform as a big opportunity.  After many weeks of hard work, IVRealms has released KuGon.  KuGon is a number puzzle game in the same vein as Sudoku.

I don’t have an iPhone yet (coming in 2 weeks) but I borrowed MikeD’s to check out KuGon.  If you like puzzles, you’ll find it pretty addictive.  KuGon has already gotten some pretty positive reviews online.  Here’s one:

“Completely changed my idea of puzzle games. Easy to pick up, but impossible to put down.”

Ivan tells me that KuGon is just the first in a series of games they plan to release for the iPhone.  Congrats to Ivan and his team for being fast to market.  If you have an iPhone, visit the App Store and check it out!



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