Just Wow.

Usain Bolt’s win in the 100 meter event has to be one of the most impressive sporting feats I’ve ever seen.  He crushed the competition and broke the world record despite shutting down at least 10m before the finish line.  Despite a reaction time in the starting blocks was 7th slowest out of 8.  Despite a left shoelace that came undone (no joke).

Michael Johnson, who knows a thing or two about track, said he’d never seen anything like it before.  Even more amazing is that Bolt considers the 200m, not the 100m, to be his best event.  He’s only been running the 100m for about a year.

At 6′ 5″, Bolt just shattered conventional wisdom about the ideal body type for sprinters.  This guy is a bona fide freak of nature (unless drug tests prove that he’s a freak of science).


3 thoughts on “Just Wow.

  1. Unfortunately I’m pretty jaded now when it comes to track and field. Marion Jones had us all fooled and look how that turned out. Sad, isn’t it?! I watched the race and was utterly amazed by Bolt. He pulled up and didn’t even go full steam the whole time, and still blew everyone away.

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