One More Time

Everyone except Ben and I bailed on our Tuesday ThinkCash group ride.  Since the skies were threatening rain, we decided to stay close to home and do hill intervals.  Sure enough, 8 miles into our warm-up the skies opened and we split up to head home.  However, I decided to stick with our original plan and did 5 repeats on Arborlawn then finished on Ranch View.  My guess (Bencyclopedia has yet to catalog the Arborlawn climb) is that I did around 750 feet of climbing  over 6 miles.

Whenever I ride in the rain I think about the legendary Lance Armstrong training session on Alpe D’Huez (the most famous Tour de France climb).  The story goes that he was riding the 3500+ foot Alpe in terrible conditions — cold, windy, rainy — in preparation for the 2001 Tour.  His directeur sportif, Johan Bruyneel, was following in a car.  When Lance finished the climb, Johan pulled over so Lance could get in the car.  But Lance turned around and said, “One more time.”


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