Top 5 Olympic Athlete Names

#5:  Ok Im Won (North Korea) — Won won one Bronze in judo, OK?


#4:  Prapawadee Jaroenrattanatarakoon (Thailand) — Longest name in the Olympics — it is pronounced “Smith”.   Prapa won a gold in weightlifting.  She benches more than you do.


#3:  Usain Bolt (Jamaica) — With a name like this, how could you NOT be the world’s fastest man?  But his parents missed an opportunity with the first name.


#2:  Sarah Hammer (USA) — Best. Cycling. Name. Ever. (If you don’t cycle you won’t get it)


#1:  Prince Octopus Dzanie (Ghana) – Prince wins for a couple of reasons.  One, he checks in at 4 feet 7 inches and he lost his first round boxing match so the guy needs a break.  Two, there has to be a great story behind anyone named “Octopus”.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Olympic Athlete Names

  1. this is what Wikiepedia has to say about No. 4:

    “…She changed her name in 2007 on the advice of a fortune teller who said it would improve her chances of winning the Olympics.”

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