My own Hotter’N Hell 100 – Part II

Today the Hotter’N Hell 100 is happening in Wichita Falls.  It’s one of the nation’s largest cycling events, but I’ve avoided it for the simple reason that it doesn’t sound very fun to do 100 miles in August heat.

But for the past two years, I’ve done my own Hotter’N Hell — I ride 100 km (not miles) along the Trinity Trails.  Today isn’t as hot as it could be (as of noon it hasn’t cracked 90), but I sure wouldn’t want to tack another 37 miles on to the 63 I just finished.

The Lawman is riding in the HHH as I write this.  At this moment, he’s either suffering in the heat or laying on a gurney in dehydrated delirium with an IV plugged in to his arms.  Hopefully it’s the former!


2 thoughts on “My own Hotter’N Hell 100 – Part II

  1. No IVs = good day. I knew I was cooked when I was spraying myself with ice water from one bottle and sipping Coca-Cola from the other. :-) Next year I WILL conquer…

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