I’m in San Mateo today for a couple of meetings, then back to DFW tonight, and then on to the lake for Labor Day weekend.

We had a fantastic meal at 231 Ellsworth last night — probably the best I’ve had in the Bay Area.  I had the Orgie Végétale, described on the menu as “an indulgence of the season’s best vegetables”.  It was a plate of about 8 vegetables cooked different ways (grilled, seared, roasted, pureed, etc.).  But the real highlight was the amuse-bouche (I just learned this word).  One was a warm watermelon soup and another was a fried ball with a liquid basic center.  Both very unusual but tasty flavors.

Michelle’s husband, Kiet, found 231 Ellsworth on,  which is a neat site for finding good restaurants when you’re traveling.


7 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. I would have normally guessed you were the first male to order that dish, but being located in the bay area….prob not the case.

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