Trauma at Texoma

The endless wait — hanging out in the ER

We spend Labor Day weekend at the lake.  The weather is starting to cool and we’re entering prime lake-ing season.  We had a great time except for one little incident…

On Sunday, Abby, Nana, and I were hanging out on the dock fishing (Abby bagged 4 perch) and swimming.  I was doing some work and heard Abby make a funny noise.  When I looked up, I knew immediately what had happened.  Abby had stuck her finger in a crack between the dock and the poles that hold it in place and the dock had shifted, pinching her finger.

I rushed to her and was able to free her finger, but things didn’t look good.  The tip of right middle finger was crushed flat and she was bleeding pretty badly.  I carried her to the cabin and washed the finger off and it was clear we were headed to the ER.

Fortunately, everything appears to be OK.  After 6 hours in the ER, the doctors determined that she had a fractured fingertip and a pretty badly lacerated finger.  Her fingernail was literally ripped out including the root (my Dad found it on the dock this morning).

Through it all, Abby was amazing.  It had to be incredibly painful but she was brave through all the poking and prodding.  Here’s to a speedy recovery!


7 thoughts on “Trauma at Texoma

  1. HG called and gave Annabelle the 411. Abby is super brave! That sounds like a scary ordeal all around. We’ll be praying for fast healing. Hope the webkinz can keep her distracted.

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