Cross Timbers

Cross Timbers Trail Map (click to enlarge)

Amid all the excitement last weekend, Megan and I managed to hike the Cross Timbers Trail.  The Cross Timbers starts just a 10 minute boat ride from our cabin and follows Lake Texoma’s shoreline for 13 miles.  The trail and is surprisingly rugged and hilly, with over 3,000 feet of climbing (it’s sometimes referred to as “the toughest little trail in Texas”).  An ultra-marathon race is run on the trail each February and thank goodness for that — without the white ribbon course markers they leave behind it would be very difficult to stay on trail.

The Cross Timbers is one of the best kept secrets in North Texas.  Hardly anyone knows about it and you hardly ever see other hikers on it.  But by any standard it’s a high quality trail.

On a related note, this was the first chance I’ve had to test out my new Injinji socks.  A lot of ultra-runners wear Injinjis and I bought them to avoid between-toe blisters that I sometimes get on long hikes or trail runs.  They feel a bit strange at first, but they worked great — despite the fact that this is my first 10+ mile hike in months I didn’t even get a hotspot.


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