Pain Train 2008

MikeD, Ben, Kevin, Ken, Lawman, Kyle, and Smith
looking strong in their sweet new TC kit (mile 0)

Last weekend, 7 members of Team ThinkCash traveled to Lake Texoma for a weekend of riding and relaxing.  We dubbed the weekend “Pain Train 2008” and the big question was who would be the caboose.

Ben sets a punishing pace, forcing the
team to reach into their suitcase of courage

The weather was perfect all weekend, with lows in the 60’s and highs in the 80’s.  On Saturday, we rode a 45 mile loop (3 riders did 20 bonus miles) followed by some wakeboarding, steaks on the grill, and general shenanigans.

Ken dances on the pedals as
he breaks Smith’s will on L’Alpe d’Pottsboro

On Sunday, we did a quick 40 miles and then packed up to go home.  All in all, a great weekend.  But Pain Train 2008 would not be complete without some awards.  So, without further adieu:

Darwin AwardSmith spotted our neighbor’s 25 foot tall boat dock and said “Hey y’all, watch this” (famous last words of the redneck).

Suspected Doping AwardMikeD has been training less than anyone — and he smokes — yet he was crushing it on Saturday.  I think I may have seen a syringe in his bag.

Questionable Taste in Music AwardBen has an large, eclectic and somewhat disturbing collection of tunes on his iPod.  At fist we thought shuffle was just randomly picking bad songs, but after about 10 in a row, the truth became apparent.

R.I.P. AwardLawman boldly opted for the bonus 20 miles on Saturday.  About 10 miles in, his legs locked up — right next to a cemetery.   [Side Note:  With this ride, Lawman has earned enough points to qualify for a coveted Lifetime SAG Award.]

“Just a Normal Weekend” Award:  While most of us were savoring the opportunity to relax without having to change diapers and wipe noses, Ken reminded us that taking naps and reading books are part of a normal weekend for him.  It’s good to be King.

Ginormous Cyclist Award: Why is it that I look so huge on a bike?  Granted, I’m a big guy by cycling standards but my bike looks like one of those things clowns ride in the circus.

Caboose Award:  Alas, somebody has to earn this dubious distinction.  Kyle (a.k.a. “KC Masterpiece”, a.k.a. “The Assasin) was definitely feeling some pain this weekend.  Interestingly, Kyle also wins the Most Aggressive Rider jersey for his almost constant attacks on the peloton.

Until next year…


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