Rolling in my 404’s

Abby says, “Forget the college fund, Dad, buy some Zipps!”

Today I rode Zipp 404 wheels on loan from Fort Worth Cycling & Fitness (via the Lawman).  Aside from the fact that they look awesome (and are as expensive as they look), they’re designed to be significantly more aerodynamic than other wheelsets.  A rule of thumb in cycling is that 80% of your power goes into fighting wind resistance, so even small aerodynamic improvements result in faster riding.  [Side Note:  These wheels are for tubular tires and this is the first time I’ve ridden tubulars.]

It was a pretty windy today, which made it a bit hard to evaluate the Zipps but I’m pretty sure they’re faster.  You start to notice the difference above 20 mph.  I felt like I was able to sustain higher speeds for longer periods of time.  It seemed like I was rolling about one mph faster on the flats — and in cycling one mph is huge.

And even if I wasn’t going faster, the sound these wheels make — like the whine of a turbine engine — made me feel like I was going faster.  And isn’t that what it’s really all about?


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