The Dems don’t get it.

Let’s face it, Sarah Palin is a train wreck (check out this video for proof).  But she has something very powerful going for her:  When Middle America looks at her, they see themselves.  She comes across as a normal person, dealing with the same problems we all deal with.  When they look at Joe Biden — or Barack Obama, or John Kerry, or Al Gore — they don’t see themselves. 

I assert that at the end of the day, most voters don’t make their decision based on policy or track record.  They don’t care what magazines a candidate reads or what their SAT score was.  They make their decision based on gut feelings about the candidates as people.   The Republicans understand this.  The Democrats don’t get it.

It’s why the selection of Palin as the Republican VP candidate was a genius marketing maneuver — she’s just as screwed up as the rest of America.  The Republicans figured that McCain brings all the experience and credibility they need, so they picked a running mate that is the antithesis of a Washington politician — a hockey mom!

The Dems, on the other hand, went the opposite way.  They selected a career politician — the kind of guy you can blame for the problems we’re facing today.

This Thursday’s VP debate sure is going to be interesting…

[DISCLAIMER:  I’m an undecided voter (most likely a non-voter) in this year’s presidential election.   I’m not crazy about any of the choices (where is Ross Perot when you need him?).]

5 thoughts on “The Dems don’t get it.

  1. If our leaders are elected by the standard of “what middle America can relate to” then we are in big trouble.

    I think that is what won the last 2 elections. Most Americans can relate to this:

    When my father in laws says ” i really like dat Palin lady”, I know we are in trouble:)

  2. Very intelligent analysis and spot-on in my view. I really felt like before Palin came on the Republicans would lose in a landslide. Now I’m not too sure.

    As for me, I’m not jazzed about either candidate. The debate on Thursday should be interesting but I seriously doubt it will change any minds…..

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  4. Kev,

    “When Middle America looks at her, they see themselves. She comes across as a normal person, dealing with the same problems we all deal with.”

    I think you got part of it right. Palin does represent middle America… the middle America that shouldn’t be running for VP. Not sure how a true GOPer could vote for McCain when he constantly trashes his party leadership over the past 8 years. And if the answer to the GOPer is to look to Palin, we are all in trouble.

    Thump-thump…. thump-thump… thump… beeeeeeeep.

    Hello President Palin.

    Be very afraid.

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