These guys are good.

Exhibit A

What a game!  Nobody was sure how good this young Texas team was.  Well, it’s official:  They’re good.

This game didn’t have the feel of an upset —  we outcoached them, outplayed them, and just plain wanted it more.   If you want details, read Barking Carnival’s brilliant write-up.

My favorite quote from BC:

I had also been threatening to throw various objects into Sailor’s koi pond if we didn’t win; when we won I continued to threaten to baptize objects in his koi pond. Vandalism is one of the few mechanisms by which a man can both grieve and exult.

This is now officially my favorite Longhorn team ever, and Saturday’s game is #2 on my all time list (behind the 2005 national championship win, of course).  We’ve got a lot of tough games ahead but if we can keep our focus and intensity we have a decent chance of running the table.


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