Post Game Venting

I’m pretty wound up about the Tech game.  I don’t expect the Longhorns to win all games (just most of them) but to lose in that fashion is unacceptable.  Here is a partial list of things I’m steaming about:

1) If we play Tech 10 times, we win 8  (and, in fact, we are 8 and 2 in the last 10 matchups).  For Tech to beat UT, lots of things have to go right for them and lots of things have to go wrong for us.  We witnessed that kind of “perfect storm” tonight.  The first half was the worst display of football I’ve seen from a Longhorn team in a long time.  I put most of the blame for this on the coaches (specifically Greg Davis), although it’s worth noting that Colt McCoy was WAY off his game tonight.  And it didn’t help that Quan Cosby and Brian Orakpo, two of our four best players, were out with injuries.  Give Tech credit, they came in with a better gameplan and their players wanted it more.

2) Despite all this, we still had the game won!  But our clock management on the final drive was inexcusable.  We repeatedly snapped the ball with 15 seconds or more on the play clock, even when we were inside the 10 yard line.  If we’d have bled another 30-40 seconds off the clock, we likely would have won the game.  Again, I put that on the coaches (specifically Mack Brown).

3) Despite bad clock management, we STILL had a chance to win the game.  How does Blake Gideon not catch that interception on Tech’s final drive?  That will haunt him for a long time.

4) There is no worse school to lose to than Texas Tech.  The school has a massive (and perhaps justifiable) inferiority complex and the fans are widely considered to be some of the worst in college football.  Plus, their entire season revolves around beating Texas or Texas A&M, so those games are particularly hostile.  Lots of great individuals (including some of my friends) went to Tech, but as a group they’re just obnoxious.

5) You have to hand it to Mike Leach.  He has built Texas Tech into a powerhouse program even though he gets 2nd tier recruits (at best).  He’s great at finding under-recruited overachievers with a chip on their shoulder (e.g. Wes Welker) and turning them into gamers.

6) There’s a greater than 50% chance Tech gets beaten by Oklahoma State next week and it’s even more likely that OU crushes them in Norman later this month.  This will make me happy.  If Tech pulls off both of those games, then hats off to them — they deserve to be #1.

It’s almost midnight.  Time to get in bed and stare at the ceiling for a while…


6 thoughts on “Post Game Venting

  1. I loath Tech.

    I was rooting for tu because now we are going to have Penn St. get pounded by Florida in the Orange Bowl for the National title. There is no way a one loss Big 12 school gets into the title game over a one loss SEC team.

  2. Did I mention that I am a big fan of beginning a college football playoff system? If a majic genie granted me three wishes, that would be seriously considered as one of the wishes.

  3. Tech reeks.

    Yes, I know individuals who attended the school that are great people, but as fans the school just stinks. They are classless clowns, no question about it.

    I watched the game in fits and starts – was really, really pulling for the Longhorns. I was dismayed by their first half play – don’t forget even the lowly Aggies were beating Tech after a half. It looked to me like the Horns just came out sluggish. They started playing well and I thought the game was theirs. I even think on that last Crabtree catch your guy might’ve prevented him from making end zone with a little more effort.

    I cannot now decide which is more painful: cellar dwelling like the Aggies or being knocked out of national title contention. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really harbor no animosity toward Longhorns. Now Tech, that’s another story. Hang in there!

  4. loath, not loathe… majic, not magic…

    It’s almost as if I received my education at Tech, or I was posting 1/2 asleep at midnight.

  5. Whoa, whoa, whoa…all right let’s not sell our soul to Satan here. “I really harbor no animosity toward Longhorns…” C’mon Les! I’ll admit that I too despise those inbreds from Tech but I’m not going to be having a group-hug with some t-sips anytime soon either. Reference the below exchange in my house Sunday morning:

    Jack: Did the Longhorns lose?

    Me: Yep, it was ugly…they lost with 1 second on the clock.

    Jack: Well, I don’t feel sorry for them…they are…just Longhorns.

    Me: (wiping proud tear from my eye) That’s right son, that’s right…

    11/27/08 – Shock the world baby! (off to mix a fresh batch of Kool-Aid…) Gig-Em!

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