BCS Breakdown

If ever there was a case for a playoff system in college football, this year is it.

Exhibit A:  The Longhorns soundly beat both teams that will be playing for the Big 12 championship.  This is proof enough that the system is broken.

Exhibit B:  If you apply other major conferences’ tie-breaking rules, the Horns would be conference champions (and would likely get a shot at a national championship).  This is because the Big 12’s fifth tie-breaking rule is based solely on BCS ranking while other conferences rely on more sensible things like record against cross-division or non-division teams or, in the case of the SEC, head-to-head match ups.

Exhibit C:  We lost one game literally at the last second while OU lost decisively (to Texas) and Tech got blown out in their loss to OU (and was almost upset by Baylor last weekend).

The bottom line is this — even if Texas was headed to the Big 12 Championship, it wouldn’t really be fair to OU or Texas Tech.  It’s time for a change.


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