BCS Nightmare

This bowl season is turning out to be the perfect case for a playoff system:

  • First you have Utah, the only remaining undefeated team, who soundly beat Alabama, the #1 ranked team for much of the season.
  • Then you have Texas, who survived an incredibly tough schedule, losing one game at the last second.
  • Then of course you have Oklahoma and Florida, two 1-loss teams that clearly deserve a shot at a title (and are getting it).
  • You could even throw USC in the mix.  They lost one game early in the season but dominated the rest of their opponents including a strong Penn State team in the Rose Bowl.

You can argue all you want about strength of schedule, computerized vs. human rankings, head-to-head matchups, etc.  But it sucks that we won’t end the season with an undisputed national champion.  

It sucks for the fans, who know that one loss can be the kiss of death for their team.  But it sucks even more for the players who put years of sweat and blood into the sport and have no control over what teams they play.

Why can’t we just settle it on the field?


3 thoughts on “BCS Nightmare

  1. Amen X 2. This is starting to look more and more like figure-skating: “That triple sacow will really increase the difficulty of her schedule…ERRRR…routine; she should qualify for a great bowl…uh…score. Yes indeed, the judges (voters) will be impressed”.

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