Sweating the small stuff


WARNING:  You have to be a web geek to appreciate this post.

Check out this blog post by a Visual Designer at Google.  It gives the story behind the creation of the new custom buttons that appeared in Gmail yesterday (shown above).  Did you notice the change?

These buttons are impressive because they are built entirely with HTML and CSS (no images) yet they look and behave like real buttons.  They have multiple states (resting, hover, focus, etc.), a gradient, and they work across all major browsers and operating systems.

Very few companies (or individuals) would put this kind of effort into making tiny improvements to buttons.  It’s impossible to quantify the ROI on something like this (and very easy to dismiss it as a waste of time).  But this is how great products are made.


One thought on “Sweating the small stuff

  1. Kev,

    As a web geek I do appreciate the post. Did you also notice the blue border around the center when a link to the left is highlighted, much like a tab feature. Not impressive, but a change.

    The reason why I’m posting is while the buttons you notice are built with HTML, etc., if you try to add a file to your email, the Browse button is of a different flavor and therefore provides an inconsistent “button experience” in the view of the user.

    Web Geek Jimbo.

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