How windy was it?

Ben and I went for a long ride this morning.  The weather was nice, with sunny skies and temps in the 70’s — but the winds were epic.

How windy was it?  It was so windy that…

  • On one particularly nasty 3 mile stretch, I found myself hammering the pedals at a blistering 9mph.  (speed on the way back:  36mph)
  • A porta-john along the road was knocked over  (just a few minutes after Ben used it)
  • I set my helmet on a picnic table and it ended up chasing it across a grassy lawn.

In Fort Worth, the wind is a constant — I’ve been riding about 2 years now and have had a grand total of 2 windless rides.  But today is a new record.


3 thoughts on “How windy was it?

  1. I did a few laps around White rock this Sat and it was pretty brutal there as well. Luckily there are a few areas that you get some pretty solid wind protection, but when it hit you felt it suck the energy immediately for sure.

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