Best cycling quote ever.

Jens Voigt on his way to a stage win and the
overall win in the Crierium International

I was watching the Criterium International race today and heard a great quote from Jens Voigt (who won the overall title).

“When I win races, I have to put everybody — including myself, of course — through a meat grinder.  Everybody has to suffer, suffer, suffer until they’ve all had enough.”

If you know a little bit about Jens Voigt, this quote pretty much sums him up.  He’s one of the most popular cyclists in the pro peleton because of his positive attitude and aggressiveness on the bike.  He’ll attack at any time, often solo.  As a result, he’s become sort of a living legend in cycling circles.  Ben recently posted a funny list of little known facts about Jens.

I like Jens because he’s about my age and often looks like he’s “fighting the bike”, which is how I feel a lot of the time.


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