Good luck, Lauren!

Lauren LunchThe ThinkCash marketing team (photo courtesy of Ben)

Today we had a farewell lunch at Joe T’s for our intern, Lauren (the person waving in the photo), who is graduating from TCU this weekend.  Lauren is our second marketing intern, and both of them have landed great jobs after graduation.  I like having interns around because it’s a win-win situation — they get good job experience for their resume and we get help with odds & ends projects (interns always know they’re in trouble when I tell them I have a “strategic project”).  I also like the energy they bring to work every day.

Good luck, Lauren!

(P.S.  I can’t believe how big our marketing team has become!)


3 thoughts on “Good luck, Lauren!

  1. You guys kill me. Good looking interns, fancy lunches, and big smiles, and all that for being in marketing !?

  2. Congrats to Lauren! Man picking up those marketing team lunch tabs must be brutal. Was there a balloon full of one dollar bills? Arnold is right good looking group. I guess Kevin your “send pic with resume” idea wasn’t so bad after all.

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