My new (old) ride


Once you start cycling, it’s inevitable that you’ll accumulate bikes.  So far I’ve kept it to just my Kuota racing bike for training and an Electra cruiser for rides with the family.  But recently I started feeling the need for a change of pace on training rides.  Most cyclists scratch this itch with a single speed, but I wanted something that I could also use to pull the girls in a trailer.

After looking at a bunch of options (mostly cross bikes), I stumbled upon this Peugeot road bike on Craig’s List.  As you can tell from the pictures, it’s in amazing condition for a 24 year old bike, with all original parts and hardly a scratch on it.  With a little research, I determined that it’s a 1985 Peugeot PSN 10.  I even found an online version of the Peugeot catalog from 1985:

1985_Peugeot_PX10_PSN10_PGN10(click the image to enlarge)

I’ve always liked the styling of 80’s vintage Peugeots so  I decided to keep the bike all original except for the pedals, which I upgraded to Forte Campus pedals that have a clip on one side for cleats and a platform on the other for street shoes.  I’ve put about 50 miles on it now and it rides like a dream.  As I’ve remarked before, it’s amazing how little bikes have evolved over the years.  At 22 pounds, this bike is a lot heavier than today’s carbon bikes but it sure rides a lot smoother and is just as fast on the flats.  I have to admit, it’s a lot of fun to pass riders on modern high-end bikes while shifting gears on the down tube…


4 thoughts on “My new (old) ride

  1. I have the identical bike! Blue 1985 PSN10. It my 16th birthday gift. Mine – also nearly scratchless – has ~2500 miles on it from my freshman/sophomore years in Munich, DE. It’s been stored at my parents for nearly 25 yrs. Congrats on the find. Its a great bike. T2

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