Trip Report: A Day in the Wichitas

Yesterday, Paul Mogote and I took a day trip to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, Oklahoma for some rock climbing.  Paul and I used to climb together a lot and work really well together, so we were able to knock out 10 pitches — a “Narrows Sampler”.  Here’s our tick list in the order we climbed them:

  • The Dihedral
  • Crazy Alice
  • Fantasy Roof
  • Sundown Dihedral
  • LTD (2p)
  • Lycra Sheath (TR)
  • Tyro Rumpus
  • Afterburner
  • Leap Frog

These routes are spread across several formations in two canyons spanning about a mile, so we had to move pretty quickly to get them all done before sunset.  I climbed surprisingly well considering that I haven’t been on a trip since September.  We felt pretty worked afterward, so we treated ourselves to the worst barbeque the Lawton has to offer and listened to the bizarre collection of music on Paul’s iPod for the long drive home.



One thought on “Trip Report: A Day in the Wichitas

  1. Sweet! I would be jealous had I not been taking in views to put the tops of wichita climbs to shame.

    I desperately need to get out on real rock soon!

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