The Forgotten Crag

I wrote an article for the January 2012 issue of Rock & Ice (the awesome photos are by Merrick Ales).  The subject was an obscure state park near El Paso called Hueco Tanks.  Few people (even Texans) have heard of the area, but to climbers it’s one of the premier destinations in the world.  However, most climbers visit Hueco to boulder rather than climb routes.  The article is a reminder that Hueco Tanks is still a world class crag – especially for weekend warriors like me.

Click on the photo thumbnails below to view larger images.

Side Note:  The picture on the first page of the article is of me (and Alex) on the classic Indecent Exposure — but the photo caption refers to me as “Keith”.  There goes my 15 minutes of rock climbing fame. (I was also called “Keith” by the minister at my wedding so technically I guess I’m single).


The Last Ascent

I’ve been scanning some of my old pictures and documents lately.  Here’s a story I wrote for Urban Climber Magazine in 2005 (click on the image below to read the story).  Looking back on it now, the writing isn’t that great but I still think the idea was a good one.  For payment, I received some climbing clothes (which I still wear).